Get the Look and Feel of Wood with Our Decking Boards in Brisbane

Are you restoring or building a new deck? Whether for a renovation or a brand-new design, either for yourself or a client, the best place to start is with your materials. For most people, this is a choice between either wood or composite decking boards. If you are in or near Brisbane, you can get wood decking boards or composites from a variety of suppliers. Yet with ULTRAdeck, you can get the most natural looking wood plastic composite (WPC) boards at a fantastic price which will last years with less hassle than natural wood.

What You Need to Know about Composite vs Wood Decking

A deck is a long-term investment for your home, which is why material choice is so important. Decks made from untreated wood decking boards in Brisbane typically last anywhere from 10 to 30 years, depending on weather conditions and upkeep. Treated wood or composite wood materials can last much longer, perhaps 50 or more years. If you are not an accredited builder yourself, it is a good idea to consult one in Brisbane before getting wood decking boards or composite boards for your deck.

The major drawback for wood boards is the fact that natural wood requires regular maintenance. While some wood boards are more durable and require less work than others, most types of lumber must be periodically oiled and repainted to prevent warping, splintering or decay. This is not the case with wood composite decking! With wood composite boards, you can spend more time enjoying your deck with family and friends, and less time worrying about the deck’s upkeep.

Wood boards do tend to be cheaper, yet before you start looking for wood decking suppliers in Brisbane for a good deal, you should be aware that there are high quality, competitively priced options for composite decking as well. With ULTRAdeck, you can get all the benefits of durability and low maintenance with composite decking boards, at an affordable price. Our WPC boards are also quick to install, making them a time efficient choice for busy builders.

Why We Are One of the Top Composite Wood Decking Suppliers in Brisbane

Whether you buy composite or wood decking boards in Brisbane, quality is a necessary factor to keep in mind. With ULTRAdeck, quality is our top consideration, which is why we offer only high-quality finishes in a range of colours, from the light Hampton Grey to the rich Mahogany Brown. All these are competitively priced and work well for those on a budget.

With ULTRAdeck, you can enjoy the rot-, decay- and termite-resistant benefits of composite boards and have the natural look and feel of real timber. Our boards can be installed either using our innovative hidden screw system or using more conventional methods of installation.

With so many benefits to getting wood plastic composite boards from ULTRAdeck, there’s no reason not to contact one of the top composite wood decking suppliers in Brisbane to see how we can help you get started on your home’s next addition.