Update Your Home with Gold Coast Timber Decking Boards

Sometimes our homes need a makeover. Maybe you just moved into a new home. The old owner had a unique sense of style that completely clashes with yours. Some design changes are necessary to make the home more visually appealing.

Maybe you simply want to make your home feel more like your home. Modifying the style of your house can help it feel more personalised and match your style. Conducting a project on your own, rather than hiring a professional, can really help you feel invested in your home.

A feasible option for even beginner DIY project people is to add timber decking boards to your Gold Coast home. The installation process is easier than it appears, making it a fun project for you to tackle in your spare time.

The Benefits of Gold Coast Timber Decking Boards

There are many reasons to choose Gold Coast timber decking boards over other material options for your new deck. This material is made of unique materials, making it a non-toxic and sustainable composition. There is no need to worry about rot, decay, or termites slowly destroying your deck and causing you to replace it in a few years. The material is resistant to these annoyances, allowing you to install your timber decking boards in your Gold Coast home worry free. The material is also non-slip, so you and your family can happily walk around barefoot after playing in the pool.

The decks do require some occasional cleaning, and obviously, the lighter colours will need more regular washing than the darker shades. Composite decking colour is continuous right through the boards which enables sanding for the treatment of severe scrape and scratch marks. Use coarse grit sandpaper to sand the boards in the direction of the grain gently.

Other deck materials will need oiling or painting to get the correct colours. With timber decking boards in your Gold Coast home, you can install and let them be. Our product colours of Mocha, Hampton Grey, Red Earth, and Mahogany Brown are designed to last.

Installing a deck should be as hassle free as possible. You want to get your new deck installed quickly so your family and friends can enjoy it! Imagine all the fun times awaiting you, from sitting on the deck watching the sunset to watching your children play in the backyard to hosting a luncheon. With a little DIY effort, your new deck awaits.

Choose a budget friendly timber decking supplier in the Gold Coast

Many factors go into deciding which timber decking supplier in the Gold Coast. One of the biggest deal breakers is cost. If you cannot afford the materials, you will not be able to install the deck.

At ULTRAdeck, we are a timber decking supplier in the Gold Coast that wants you to create the deck of your dreams. Our materials are offered to you at budget pricing so you can buy all the supplies you need. The wood lasts, so you will not need to include replacement wood into your budget. A new deck is only a product order and DIY project away!