Why Composite Wins over Timber Deck Boards in Brisbane

While many people enjoy the look and feel of timber deck boards, there are just as many reasons why you should consider using wood composite plastic when building decks for your clients. For one thing, many homeowners may not be aware of, or be prepared to put in the time-consuming maintenance that is often required to keep wood decks looking their best. Because of this, when consulting with clients in Brisbane who say they want timber deck boards, you should remind them they have alternative options such as the high quality and low-cost plastic decking boards from ULTRAdeck.

Tips on Choosing Your Decking Materials

As soon as spring rolls around, you’ve probably noticed that the calls start coming in from homeowners across Brisbane interested in building new decks or renovating their existing ones.

If you’re a qualified builder, you want to know your materials and exactly what you are offering your customers. You also want to be sure that the materials you present will maintain their look for as long as possible, through as many hot Brisbane summers as it can. So, what exactly is the best option: wood or plastic?

As with most things in life, it is not a simple black and white answer. For some clients in Brisbane, timber deck boards may be an excellent choice provided they are ready to do the necessary maintenance to stave off potential issues including rot and termites. Yet for those who only want a quick installation and don’t want the hassle of oiling or repainting, plastic deck boards are often the better choice.

Plastic composite boards are safe and are resistant to decay as well as termites. ULTRAdeck offers WPC (wood plastic composite) decking boards which combine the natural appearance of timber with the low-maintenance and easy installation of plastic decking.

Saying No to Timber? Come and See a Decking Supplier in Brisbane Offering Quality Composites

While timber deck boards in Brisbane remain popular with buyers, you may be able to convince some clients to switch over to composites when they are considering a deck restoration. After time has taken its toll, along with the rainy winters and many months of sunshine which are a part of life in Brisbane, you may find they are eager to switch to lower maintenance alternatives like wood plastic composite.

When you’re ready to install decking materials for your clients, you’ll want to choose only the finest available for your budget. That’s why you should check out the selection of high-quality, competitively priced finishes from ULTRAdeck in our wide range of natural and appealing colours. Our materials are non-toxic and are a sustainable solution as well, making them an excellent choice for clients with children or those who are concerned about the environment. Best of all, our materials are designed to be installed using traditional hardwood tools, so you won’t have to worry about investing in any special equipment to get your job done.

If you’re ready to stock up on something other than timber, come and see how a decking supplier for Brisbane like ULTRAdeck can provide you with the quality materials you need to keep your clients happy for years to come.